EngenhariaLiquida recently collaborated with Atelier VMDO / Landscape Architecture, in the development of solutions for water catchment and irrigation systems, in the design project of the future Castelo Branco Urban Park, awarded with the 1st place in the public contest, developed by the City Council. Municipal of Castelo Branco.

With about 21ha, the design proposal is based on the idea of ​​what a contemporary park can be, as a complement and richness of urban life. It is the combination and concentration between natural spaces, activities / uses disposition, climatic comfort and urban flows that underpins the park’s strategy and subtlety.

In the context of Castelo Branco it was sought that the park responded to a microclimate comfort, namely in the “green artery”, where a temperature decrease of around 5 ° C is expected. For this, the creation of the tree cover is essential. The proposal aims to maintain most of the existing vegetation by supplementing the existing tree structure with new 2-stroke plantations:

– along the green artery, waterfront, squares and lawn boundaries, the shrub and tree vegetation will be watered for rapid growth and will have a more moist and lush appearance;
– in the less-used areas to the west, the vegetation will be more ruderal and slower in development, reproducing the Mediterranean flora in a suitable way.

The southern area is an important element of the sustainability of the entire park, maintaining and expanding its water dam function, thus ensuring necessary irrigation and more efficient water management.