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Preparation of irrigation projects

We develop irrigation systems for agriculture and green areas (private or public gardens and sports fields), water treatments by ionization, inverse osmosis or UV for agriculture, residential or public pools and building´s water networks, among others.

Elaboration of architectural projects

EngenhariaLíquida Group develops in partnership, landscape architecture projects for green areas. (Project by BeOnLand in cooperation with others _ Valdebebas urban park, Madrid, Espanha).

Representation and sale of irrigation materials

We also represent and sell irrigation materials, water treatments and water storage materials from national and international most prestigious brands.

Irrigation systems installation

We install irrigation systems, filtration, pumping and water treatment systems.

Maintenance of gardens and pools

We provide maintenance services for gardens and pools .

(Pools with Necon’s ionization system)

We also maintain irrigation and water treatment systems.

We do work supervision of irrigation systems and water storage instalations.

We give specialized courses on irrigation systems.

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Irrigation and water treatment systems for agriculture, green spaces and swimming pools

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